Forest feeder hide in Liminka

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Finnature forest feeder hide in situated in Liminka (close to Oulu in Finland). We are feeding in this site from 15th September until 15th of May and we have been feeding birds at this site for more than 10 years. There are two comfortable caravan hides for hire and it is possible to sleep in the hides.

During the feeding season we have e.g. Goshawk, Sparrowhawk, White-tailed Eagle, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Nutcracker, Jay, Yellowhammer, Bullfinch, Crested-, Willow-, Blue- and Great Tits visiting the site. We have some photogenic branches for smaller birds too. Also there are Red Squirrels and Roe Deer visiting the site. European Lynx has been occasional visitor at the site too!

The real speciality of this place is Eurasian Eagle Owls – which are visiting the feeding site during the night time. There are led lights and it is possible to photograph these large owls even in flight. There is no need to use flashes here. We are feeding Owls on top of the platform so you are shooting the birds eyelevel and the distance to the background is long. Platform is decorated so it looks natural. During the daytime Goshawk visit on the same platform.

Close to the hides we have set some trees for smaller and larger birds to perch. For Eagle Owls and Goshawks 400- 600mm lens is recommended. Place is called forest feeder but it is actually in small field surrounded by forest, so there is plenty of natural light coming and the background is distant, so you get beautiful bokeh in to the images. Snow fall looks beautiful against the dark background.

We have two comfortable heated caravan hides here with office chairs, bunk beds and urinals & toilet seats. Motion sensor will wake up sleeping photographers when Eagle Owl will arrive.

Hide 1. Caravan hide – max 3 persons

Hide 2. Caravan hide – max 4 persons

Operating times: 15th August – 15th June

Meeting time will be 2 hours before the sunset and you are aloud to leave the hide after sunrise. You might want to stay in the hide until midday.
Please notice that the length of the daylight varies during the photography season.

Groupsize: 1- 7 photographers


330 € / 1 photography session for one person

550 € / 2 photography sessions (2 sessions for one person or 1 session for two persons in the same hide)

660 € / 3 photography sessions (3 sessions for one person or 1 session for three persons in the same hide)

Photography session = From the sunset to midday next day. Price will stay the same even if you would like to leave in the morning after sunrise.

Hide has to be paid when you book it but you have to book the dates from our office.

This is very special photography experience!


Please have a look at some photos taken from these hides: 

Eagle Owl 8072

Reviews & Experiences

"It was a breathtaking experience to watch the Eagle Owl. Thanks for making it possible! All worked fine and the Owl visited the feeder about five times. We got some nice pics."

Forest feeder hide, October 2022

"At the beginning of June, we had the wonderful experience to "meet" the Eagle Owl in your hide. We will forever remember the moment when the Owl arrived for the first time! It came back several times during the night to eat a bit of the hare. When the Owl wasn't there, we had a lot of fun photographing a large diversity of songbirds."

Sabine ja Manuel, Germany
Forest feeder hide, 2022

Finland is full of northern beauty

Finland has a special northern nature. Wild landscapes, large carnivores and exceptional northern and eastern bird species are present here – all within changing seasons that make photography inspiring.

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