Golden Eagle hide 4 days package





We have been feeding Golden Eagles in Utajärvi (close to Oulu in Finland) for 15 years and Eagles are very used to come to this site. Eagles come close (25 meters) and they are feeding at eye level with the photographers and the feeding site is very open and therefore excellent for flight photography. Background is distant and this site has front light most of the day.

Prices includes first morning guiding to the site and training to use the heaters etc. Please notice that our normal price for one day in Eagle hide is 170 € / day / person.

You may use all the four days yourself or share them with your friends. Our older eagle hides seats five photographers (3+2) comfortably and everyone has two shooting holes.

This package is valid through Golden Eagle season from 15th September until 31st March.

Book your hide dates from our office

Please have a look at some images from our Eagle hides:

Eagle hide for 3 persons







Finland is full of northern beauty

Finland has a special northern nature. Wild landscapes, large carnivores and exceptional northern and eastern bird species are present here – all within changing seasons that make photography inspiring.

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