The Best of September 18 – 22 September 2025

Self-drive tour for photographers. Golden Eagles, Sparrowhawks playing with Eurasian Jays and Eagle Owl from comfortable hide and maybe even Goshawk visiting at the site.

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Additional night for Brown Bears, Wolves and Wolverines

23rd September 2025 Price: 230 - 285 € / person (depending of the group size) Price includes night in the hide and guidance to hides. Location: Kuhmo. Driving distance from Utajärvi to Kuhmo 3h hours. If you are traveling alone we recommend you to book single hide.

18 –  22 September 2025

A self-drive photography tour is a perfect solution for you who want to explore Finland’s photo opportunities on your own!

This self-drive tour includes the mystical Eagle Owl  and majestic Golden Eagle photography in Oulu region. Visit our great hides and explore the Finnish nature on your own!

Tour duration 4 days:

18th September
Arrival to Oulu region, the nearest airport is Oulu. Meeting with Finnature guide at Liminka Bay Visitor Centre at 6pm. Short drive to Eagle Owl hides for the night. Eurasian Eagle Owl is the biggest Owl of Europe. It is a powerful bird and characterized by its large size, prominent ear tufts and large orange eyes. In this time of the year the young ones are visiting at the site regularly. Also often during light hours. But don’t worry about the night – we have set up a led lights to photograph Eagle Owls during the night. Also Goshawk is possible visitor. Overnight in the hide.

19th September
Morning at the forest feeder hide. Day break and second night at the forest feeder hides for Eagle owl.

20th September
After a second night at Forest feeder you will have an easy afternoon. You may wish to visit at Liminka Bay Visitor Centre or drive towards Utajärvi for accommodation nearer to our Golden Eagle hides.

21st September
Majestic Golden Eagle can only be photographed with patience from a photography hide by a feeding site – and this is just what we have done at Finnature. In September the territorial couple bring often their young one to the feeding site. September is great time at the hides and autumn colours makes your photos to stand out. And it’s not only Golden Eagles in September – young Sparrowhawks are practicing their flight skills with Eurasian Jays.

Meeting with Finnature guide at 5am at Utanen, near Utajärvi. (Closest accommodation is in Rokua). The whole day in the hide, departure around sunset (7:30 pm).

22nd September
Another day in the Golden Eagle hides for Golden Eagles and Sparrowhawks playing with Eurasian Jays. Departure from the hides around sunset (7:30pm).

If you wish a bit more book a night (23rd September) for Brown Bears, Wolves and Wolverines in Kuhmo (about 3 hours drive from Utajärvi)

Group size: 1- 5 photographers

Landcost price: 850 € / person

Price includes: 2 nights at Eagle Owl hide, 2 days at Golden Eagle premium hide

Extension: Brown Bear, Wolf and Wolverine. Additional night 23rd September in Kuhmo. If you have more than one night, just ask for more nights from our office.

Please have a look at our Flickr gallery:

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Reviews & Experiences

"Many thanks for an enjoyable tour and all your hard work to provide an amazing experience. Photographing Eagles, Sparrowhawks, Grouse and the odd Jay or two!!, the warm comfortable accommodation, the food (thanks Sunna) and all the attention to detail, which have given me unforgettable memories.

Jari and Kaisa, thanks for all your input and company, the time was over all too quickly. Looking forward to the next visit, in the not-too-distant future!"

Dave, UK
Autumn Bird Photo Safari, 2022

"As the name of the tour was indicating, this tour was really amazing! Beyond any expectation! So many photo opportunities, unbelievable! Well balanced, with the focus towards the different species. As well the hotel selection was great, sometimes just a pity that we did not have the chance to enjoy the hotels even more.

Both of our guides, Jari and Kaisa, were great guides, safe drivers and very much focused to the clients! Thanks for guiding this tour!"

Klaus Schwind, Germany
Amazing Hokkaido, 2020

"I would like to thank you and your staff for the great organization of the last 4 days at Villa Finnature. I enjoyed it very much.

Not only your tangible love for the nature of Finland and its bird life – but also your professionalism and dedication in the implementation of the ‘Golden Eagle Tour’ has inspired me very much. The care of us guests was perfect.

Special thanks to Sunna, who cooked during the 4 days extremely tasty and lovingly cooked for all. It was fantastic! "

Ulrich, Germany
Golden Eagles in Action, 2023

"We did a spring photography tour to Finland with Finnature last week. Week was great although very cold - -28 degrees on some mornings was not normal for this time of the year! So Black Grouse were not active. But instead, the group visited Finnature’s Forest feeder hides for Goshawk and Eagle Owl. The group told that Finnature’s Forest feeder is the best place in the world to photograph Goshawks!"

Photography tour with Natures Images, UK
March 2023

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