Golden Eagle hide 4 days package – Premium

Photograph Golden Eagles in Utajärvi from comfortable premium hide! In this four-day package, the price is only 163 € / day / person! You can also share the package with a friend.


Our new premium hides bring comfort to photography! Now we can offer standing height and large windows also to individual photographers before this was available only for the groups.

We have been feeding Golden Eagles in Utajärvi (close to Oulu in Finland) for 15 years and Eagles are very used to come to this site. Eagles come close (25 meters) and they are feeding at eye level with the photographers and the feeding site is very open and therefore excellent for flight photography. Background is distant and this site has front light most of the day.

Usually, snow comes to the ground in November-December. In winter, on the best days, up to 10 eagles gather to feed. In January, the day is short, so the eagles often have fights for food, and the time spent in the hide is at its shortest. Towards spring, the amount of light increases and the days get longer. At the turn of February-March, the territory couple drives the other eagles away, already preparing for the coming spring’s nesting.

They’re large feeding for the small birds just in front of the premium hides, so birds have used to come here! While waiting Golden Eagles you can photograph other birds like Sparrowhawk (in autumn), Eurasian Jays, Great -, Blue- and Willow Tit, Black Woodpecker, Grey-headed Woodpecker, Great Spotted Woodpecker etc. might visit. Ravens, Magpies and Crown might visit at the feeding place also. Squirrels visit regularly. A fox, Wolverine and Wolf have also visited at the site.

Price: 650 € / 4 days / person

You may use all the four days yourself or share them with your friends (so two person can stay 2 days together). Our premium Eagle hides seat six photographers (2+2+2) comfortably and everyone has two shooting holes.

Price includes first morning guiding to the site, training to use the heaters and a natural bait for the first day. 4 days in our premium hides (163 € / day / person). Please notice that our normal price for one day in premium Eagle hide is 195 € / day / person (this does not include guiding to hides).

This package is valid through Golden Eagle season from 15th September until 31st March.

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Golden Eagle 4963 by Jari Peltomäki







Reviews & Experiences

"It was a breathtaking experience to watch the Eagle Owl. Thanks for making it possible! All worked fine and the Owl visited the feeder about five times. We got some nice pics."

Forest feeder hide, October 2022

"At the beginning of June, we had the wonderful experience to "meet" the Eagle Owl in your hide. We will forever remember the moment when the Owl arrived for the first time! It came back several times during the night to eat a bit of the hare. When the Owl wasn't there, we had a lot of fun photographing a large diversity of songbirds."

Sabine ja Manuel, Germany
Forest feeder hide, 2022

Finland is full of northern beauty

Finland has a special northern nature. Wild landscapes, large carnivores and exceptional northern and eastern bird species are present here – all within changing seasons that make photography inspiring.

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