Guided birdwatching excursion in Kuusamo (2024)

Eastern and northern bird specialities in one day. We aim to find interesting species in Kuusamo region such as eastern and northern passerines, grouse species and owls.

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Eastern and northern bird specialities in one day

During our guided birdwatching excursions we aim to find interesting species in Kuusamo region such as Eastern and Northern passerines, Grouse and Owls. Many of these special birds are difficult to find without a local guide and precise instructions. Our knowledgeable guides work hard in advance to find the birds and promising territories of any interesting species. By joining a small group you get to see interesting species and a small group setting with a competent guide will also minimize disturbance to the breeding birds.

The excursion takes a maximum of 8 hours and there will be moderate walks. Transportation is provided by a minibus and Kuusamo Birding guide as a driver. Departure will be realized at minimum of 3 persons.

Target species

Siberian Jay, Siberian Tit, Red-flanked Bluetail, Capercaillie, Hazel Grouse, Black Grouse, Willow Grouse, Rustic Bunting, Little Bunting, Three-toed Woodpecker, Black Woodpecker, Hawk Owl and Boreal Owl.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee any of the species, but our expert local guides will do their utmost to ensure sightings. Kuusamo is a great area for different Grouse and they are better seen earlier in the season when they are still actively lekking. However, some of the sought-after birds such as Little Bunting arrive later and are more likely to be seen on the later excursions. Owl densities typically vary from year to year depending on their food source voles, and most years they are better found in Oulu area. However, some years they are found in Kuusamo region. Therefore we recommend to join our excursions both in Oulu and Kuusamo to ensure best possibilities!

Set departures for 2024:

  • 9.5.2024 at 03.00hrs – 2 SPOTS AVAILABLE
  • 10.5.2024 at 03.00hrs – 1 SPOT AVAILABLE
  • 17.5.2024 at 03.00hrs
  • 24.5.2024 at 03.00hrs
  • 30.5.2024 at 03.00hrs – FULLY BOOKED
  • 31.5.2024 at 03.00hrs – 1 SPOT AVAILABLE

Price: 285 € /person

Meeting point: Tourism and Culture Centre Karhuntassu

Price includes:

Guiding and transportation for a maximum of 8 hours and hot drinks (coffee or tea) & biscuits during the excursion.

Collect your own group

If you book two of our excursions (in Kuusamo and Oulu) as a group (6 persons) – you will get one free place in both excursions!

Check also our guided birdwatching excursions in Oulu!

Special conditions

Please note that these excursions are particularly designed for birdwatching and photography will be difficult during excursions. Time does not allow for photography: we will not spend extended time on any site and we do not combine birdwatchers and photographers on same excursions. Photographers wish to stay longer at one site and therefore time spent in one site will be away from birdwatching elsewhere and, in that case, some species will most likely be missed. If you are interested in photographing Finnish birds, we kindly ask you to contact Finnature office regarding your wishes. 

Please note that maps or GPS devices are prohibited to use on these excursions. In order to control the disturbance at the nest sites, you are allowed to visit the nest sites only with Finnature guides.

Please also note that you are not allowed to go back to the nest sites on your own and that the nest site locations are not public information. While signing in to join our excursions, you agree that you will not pass the bird site information onwards. This is purely a safety matter and is essential for the welfare of the breeding birds. Please be a considerate birder and do not pass the information onwards.


Check our Flickr gallery for images from Oulu and Kuusamo areas in May – June!

Reviews & Experiences

"I participated in an organized birdwatching trip to Oulu and Kuusamo. I don't usually do reviews but this time I feel compelled to report the good work done by Marcus, our Finnature guide!
Marcus proved to be very prepared and also showed excellent communication skills, great availability and a pleasant empathy."

Attilio, Italy
Birdwatching tour with Wise Birding, May 2022

"This was an outstanding trip with excellent guides who are expert birders / naturalists with great personalities. The itinerary was well planned, the scenery was beautiful and the trip exceeded my expectations in terms of bird species seen and the scenery."

Paul, USA
Birdwatching tour with Naturalist Journeys, June 2023

"Just to say thank you for a glorious trip. The accommodation and food were of the expected high standard and the wildlife lived up to the promises. Highlights must be the magnificent owls, Siberian Tit and loads of White-tailed Eagles plus of course the dainty and lovely Calypso Orchids. But the best of the bunch has to be the Brown Bears.

Thanks must go to our Finnature guide Niko who worked very hard and tirelessly to ensure we all saw what we wanted to which mostly we did. He made great use of the information available and the guide's network. All with a great sense of humour. Finland is a beautiful country and we can't wait to visit again."

Wendy & David, UK
Birdwatching tour with Swallow Birding,
June 2022

"We had a wonderful tour with you last week. Everything was perfect and we had outstanding views of all the Owls, Woodpeckers and Grouse plus many more. Sincere thanks to our guide Niko, who was excellent in every respect. Finally, a mention for Juha the reindeer herdsman, I sincerely hope he keeps going – the experience at his house was exceptional and indeed a significant highlight of our tour. For many first-time visitors, he was the essence of Finland."

Kevin, owner of Heatherlea, UK
Birdwatching tour, May 2023

Finland is a dream destination for a birder

Finland is a land of diverse habitats but it is the location that makes it an exciting destination for birdwatching. Being the easternmost country in Europe and one of the most northern in the world, Finland is still accessible for many birders dreaming of seeing exotic northern birds. Location and the variety of habitats produces a truly diverse mixture of very special birds rarely encountered elsewhere in Europe.

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